Kittery, Maine: Let’s Examine the Facts

A home inspection is a wise investment

Whether you’re concerned about mold or radon, you can count on Kittery, ME’s preferred home inspection company. The sooner your residential property is investigated, the sooner you’ll know what’s lurking beneath each surface. My name is Daryl Johnson, and I own Atlantic Home Inspections, LLC. I’ve been in business for three years, but I have over 35 years of industry expertise.

If you’re looking for a reliable home inspector, call me at 207-752-2623. I’ll take my time to cover every inch of your favorite real estate listing. You should make an informed decision when purchasing a new home. I also strive to protect the Kittery and all of southern Maine's community from mold growth and radon. If I detect the presence of harmful substances or gases, I’ll alert you immediately.

What’s included in a home inspection report?

Usually, it takes me about two hours to complete a standard home inspection. I’ll take pictures and include these in your final report. When walking around your Kittery and southern Maine home, I’ll search for common hazards and problems, such as:

I use a digital reporting system and work with numerous real estate agents in the area. You can trust me to accurately document all signs of wear and tear.

3 reasons to choose Atlantic Home Inspections

Still on the fence about home inspections? You can depend on my expertise. Atlantic is proud to offer:

  1. Swift radon testing – I partner with reputable professionals for radon mitigation services
  2. Free quotes – I’ll give you a quote over the phone and can make a visit in 72 hours or less
  3. Affordable services – I won’t charge premium rates for weekend home inspections

Contact me for more information about pre-sale home inspections or radon testing. We also serve all of York County!

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