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I offer thorough home inspections throughout Kittery and all of southern Maine

3 ways to be a savvy homebuyer

3 ways to be a savvy homebuyer

Have you found your dream house? Make sure it’s not a money pit by:

  1. Asking lots of questions – the current owner should share renovation and repair history
  2. Scheduling a mold inspection – I’ll let you know if moisture has permeated interior or exterior walls
  3. Photographing any visible signs of damage – you can negotiate a better deal if you decide to purchase the property
Need a knowledgeable home inspector to arrive on the scene? I’m Daryl Johnson – sole owner and operator of Atlantic Home Inspections, LLC. I started my career in the construction industry. For years, I specialized in HVAC, plumbing and electrical repairs. Today, I provide home inspections for Kittery and all of southern Maine's homeowners.

I used to replace outdated fixtures and appliances, so I know what to look for during my inspections. I’m also part of InterNACHI and own a home investment company. You can always approach me with questions and concerns. Call me at 207-752-2623 before purchasing a new house in the Kittery or surrounding southern Maine areas. I want you to make a smart investment, so my inspection rates are affordable.

When in doubt, call me at Atlantic Home Inspections, LLC. My Kittery, Maine business completes all-inclusive home inspections.